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British Medical Journal: People who work irregular schedules or work outside of normal daytime hours can lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other coronary events. The meta-analysis in the team of scientists from Canada, Norway and Sweden analyzed the results of 34 studies, examining the records of more than 2 million patients. The study clearly demonstrated an increased incidence of heart attack and stroke in people working odd- hour, rotating, and night shifts. Shift workers are at 23% greater risk of heart attacks than the other workers, 5% greater risk of ischemic stroke, and 24% greater risk of all coronary events combined (a category that includes heart attack but not stroke). This relationship is most likely causal in nature, but it difficult to conclude based on purely observational studies alone. The take-away message for shift workers is essentially to focus on maximizing cardiovascular health. Here are some simple health tips you can follow focus on maximizing cardiovascular health of who work the night shift: 2. Eat regularly, enjoying at least three meals plus snacks, and spacing your food no more than four to five hours apart.

In addition, Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and healthy foods low in sugar and fat. 4. Learn to take breaks at work: meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises 5. Sleep in a cool, dark room if you work the night shift. Sleeping tips – Try to get a big chunk of sleep in one go (at least 4-5 hours). If you break up your sleep in many smaller pieces, deep sleep will elude you and you will not be as rested as if you had slept at a stretch. 6. Drink water.

Six to eight cups a day will aid digestion. Too much caffeine is not a good thing. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and caffeine. Avoid caffeine at least six hours before the time you want to fall asleep. Instead, drink water, herbal tea, juice or milk. 7. While working in an air-conditioned office it is important to keep drinking water as the skin loses moisture due to the air-conditioning and even slight dehydration can prevent you from functioning at your productive best.

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