October is the month for products with a maximum content of vitamins. Nutritionists select the number of the autumn products, which are very well reinforce our body. This seemingly familiar to us, the product is a source of many nutrients. Firstly it contains vitamins a, C, D. secondly cabbage is a great source of fiber. Thirdly antioxidants cabbage lower figure of developing cancer.

In cooking cabbage is completely unpretentious. It can be eaten without anything to make her salads, add to soups and main dishes. While cabbage is a fairly low-calorie product. Pumpkin The greatest value of the pumpkin is the complete set of the most essential vitamins in the fall. Vitamin b, unmatched fighter with fatigue, firming your body.

Vitamin C, the main weapon against colds. Unique vitamin K affects blood clotting. A and E vitamins struggling with aging and also strengthen the immune system. Pumpkin is very useful for hypertensive patients. With the help of pumpkin juice is good to calm the nervous system.

Besides that pumpkin contains a lot of water, it is easily absorbed by the body. To use it can be both raw and boiled. Pumpkin, you can make a variety of delicious salads or add it to oatmeal. We all know viburnum as a great source of vitamin C. But it also contains vitamins K and R. the First vitamin as already mentioned, helps in the clotting of blood and is very useful for the cardiovascular system. Vitamin e helps the body good to learn ascorbic acid.

Therefore Kalina is a great wrestler with heavy colds. Especially good Kalina in fighting bronchitis, pneumonia, ARI. It is well absorbed and facilitates the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Kalin also can be used in any form. Eat alone or add to any dish.

The most powerful effect of nutrients viburnum in decoctions of this berry.

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