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HEART DISEASE IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATHS FOR PEOPLE OVER FIFTY By the time your body is fifty it may already be suffering from some elements of heart disease. By the age of fifty your heart has beat some 1. 9 billion times. Your dependable heart has pumped over 35 million gallons of blood through your circulatory system. Unfortunately, during this time your arterial system has been bombarded with all kind of toxins that can lead to heart disease.

The linings of your arterial system may by now have incurred considerable damage from this activity. For the most part the circulatory system is extremely capable of dealing with these issues. Finally, the toll of high fat foods, foods high in cholesterol, and other toxic elements causes plaque to build. Should this cause a blockage in the flow of blood, one could suffer from a heart attack as a result of one of the many facets of heart disease. This is even more of a problem if one isn’t eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise.

Too often ones heart is affected by high blood pressure that can contribute to hart disease. There is nothing more effective for a healthy heart than to eat a well balanced diet and to exercise on a regular basis. But it is becoming more and more difficult to find foods that provide or contain the healthy nutreints one needs. Over time, the flow of blood may begin to have more and more difficulty passing through some parts of your circulatory system. More plaque can begin building up in your arteries.

For the most part you are not aware of this happening. The circulatory system is elastic enough to compensate for this plaque building up in your system. A strong heart can keep pumping blood, albeit at a somewhat slower pace As one ages, the arteries start to become stiff and less elastic. Often, at the same time, plaque build-up increases. The danger of not providing adequate oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body increases.

This affects the flow of blood to the muscles of the heart that need the oxygen and nutrients to stay healthy. As a result, the onset of heart disease and the possibility of a heart attack or stroke increases. The heart that is pumping the blood throughout your body is itself dependent on that very blood reaching its muscles to stay healthy. The pharmaceutical/medical establishment would like for you to believe that they have your best interest in mind. A recent story in local papers states boldly that: Now it goes on to say that should you suffer from a heart attack or have severe chest pain new medications can help you.

You are not likely to suffer another heart-related problem if you take a new blood-thinning drug, along with standard anti-clotting drugs. There is a greater risk of serious bleeding however, mainly in the digestive tract. There is no upside to having a heart attack or circulatory issues. Take some time to learn about heart issues and how you might keep from needing toxic drugs that put your health at risk. Maintain your heart health by keeping your body healthy Your heart health is dependent upon a healthy life style that is so important after fifty.

Heart Disease A simpler approach to dispel some confusion about the different types of heart disease. Heart Failure Heart failure is a result of damage caused by coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Coronary Artery Disease the heart does not get nourishment from the very blood it pumps throught the body the result can be coronary artery disease. Coronary Heart Disease Coronary Heart Disease, is the number one reason for deaths in the United States. Most people discover they have it only after it has advanced to a dangerous level.

Heart Attack The heart, like any other muscle in your body is dependent upon oxygen-rich blood. Without it, the muscle starts to die, and a heart attack could be the result. Stroke Blood clots are the major culprit causing strokes. When a person has a stroke cells begin to die resulting in brain damage, which may reuldt in some disability. Arterial plaque For many, suffering from a heart attack or stroke, is their first hint of having build-up of Arterial plaque.

Find out more about what causes these deposits to develop in your arterees. High Blood Pressure High blood pressure can result in so many heart health issues and cause a faster build-up of arterial plaque. High cholesterol We probably do not really understand what high cholesterol is and what there is about it that causes heart problems. But we do know that the pharmaceutical companies want you to take medication to co Chest Pain If you should have chest pain, do you know what might be happening in your body? Heart Rate Monitor A heart rate monitor could help determine if one have some heart health issues.

Causes of High Cholesterol People should become more aware of the causes of high cholesterol. Transient Ischemic Attack Is one ever fortunate to have suffered a transient ischemic attack? DISCLAIMER The information provided here is only for the purpose of informing viewers of issues relating to heart health. Nothing contained herein should be considered as medical advice and should one have any questions regarding their health they should seek appropriate medical attention. Nothing in the heart-health-afterfifty.com website is to be considered as any direct or indirect diagnosis, or medical advice, or a prescription of any therapy or supplementation for any issues discussed.

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