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Acid reflux is a disease that is caused when the acid produced by the stomach makes its way up the esophagus. It develops when food is not broken up and digested properly by digestive enzymes and acid. This damages the lining of the esophagus. There is a valve at the entrance of the stomach that features a ring of muscles known as LES (lower esophageal sphincter). This closes up immediately and food passes through. If does not close or is open too many times, it permits the acid to pass through. This usually causes a burning in the chest known as heat burn.

[ ] Arthritis is a joint disorder that features inflammation. It is classified as a rheumatic disease. A joint is a place in the body where 2 bones meet and functions to move the parts that are joined by the bones. A person can be said to be suffering from arthritis when they experience inflammation in one or more joints. This is usually accompanied by arthralgia a medical term that refers to joint pain. There are more than 100 types of arthritis that have been identified. [ ] Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is one of the conditions that can be very embarrassing for the patient who is infected leading to a lot of anxiety.

It is usually a result of the bacteria that live in the tonsils, tongue and mouth. There are numerous causes of this condition most of which can be dealt with using simple techniques like. . . [ ] This is a waxy substance that is found in lipids (fats) in the blood and is produced in the intestines or liver. It is mainly used to produce cell membranes and hormones and is transported by the blood plasma. People get cholesterol from eating foods that contain animal fats and some of the major dietary sources of cholesterol include egg yolks, beef, cheese, pork, shrimp, poultry and some plant products like peanuts and flax seeds.

Breast milk also contains high levels of cholesterol. As much as it is important in the body, having high levels of cholesterol can lead to severe health complications. [ ] Depression is more than a feeling of sadness or being down. It’s something deeper than what the average person experiences. Depression is a disease that is far more complex and wide reaching than many people think. This mood disorder triggers intense feelings of sadness, anger, helplessness and frustration. It can interfere with one’s ability to even get out of bed and go about daily activities.

Some people simply stay in bed all day because they don’t feel as if they can cope with the world. Some people may shy away from friends and family because they can’t seem to relate to them anymore. Some people maybe intensely angry and lash out at others in violent episodes. This disease affects different people in different ways which makes it even more difficult to treat and understand. [ ] Sudden onset of red, hot, and swollen joints may be a sign of gout. Although almost any joint can be affected, usually the most common joint that this is seen at is the base of the big toe. Other joints that are very common are knee joints, ankle joints, and the joints in the wrist and hands.

The pain can be so severe that even the bed sheets or clothes can cause extreme discomfort. Even without treatment, some people experience temporarily relief spontaneously. Although the swelling and pain may subside, the gout tends to return at a later time in the same area. As time proceeds, gout tends to occur more frequently and can begin to involve more than just one joint area. [ ] Blood pressure refers to the pressure that is put on arteries in the heart as blood circulates within the body. It is usually high when leaving the heart and gradually decreases as it gets to smaller blood vessels like the capillaries, arterioles and arteries. High blood pressure also known as hypertension is usually referred to as a killer disease as the patients do not suffer from initial symptoms but it can later lead to long term complications and diseases like heart attack, heart failure, peripheral artery disease aortic aneurysms and kidney failure among others.

It is a sad fact that there are many people who are suffering from the diseases without knowing it. [ ] Hypothyroidism refers to a condition wherein the thyroid gland fails to produce appropriate amounts of thyroid hormones. Since thyroid hormones are responsible for utilizing carbohydrates and fats, they play a huge role in regulating metabolic rates. They are also crucial to regulating the body temperature as well as the healthy production of protein. A deficiency in Triiodothyronine (T-3) and Thyroxine (T-4), two of the major thyroid hormones, can disturb metabolic functions and result in a number of symptoms. Although this condition is more common in women, men can also suffer from the symptoms of underactive thyroid glands. [ Kidney stones are the most common form of urinary disease and are also known as renal calculi.

The stones are formed from crystal aggregations that have formed in the bladder and then pass on into the urinary tract. They are usually formed in the kidneys and can cause severe pain as they pass out from the kidney and into the ureter. Once they have moved into the ureter, they may block any passage of urine. The intensity of pain one suffers depends on the shape and the size of the kidney stones. The pain my start off mildly and then develop more intensity as bleeding starts to be formed in the urine. [ ] Tinnitus is a type of hearing problem where the individual hears sounds such as a whistle, screech, roar, tone, bell or even a combination of these sounds within their ear in the absence of any source of noise. There are several reasons why this particular ear problem arises and it doesn’t happen overnight either.

Some of the common causes associated with tinnitus are hearing loss that is noise-induced, build-up of wax, jaw joints that are not properly aligned, sinus infection, Meinere’s disease, neck and head trauma and bones growing abnormally right in the middle ear. [ Urinary tract infection or UTI is a bacterial infection in the urinary tract. Cloudy urine, painful urination, and a frequent need to urinate are all signs that a bacterial infection has begun in the urinary tract. The most common cause is a bacterium known as Escherichia coli. Acute cystitis is the most common type of urinary tract infection and is often known as a bladder infection. Pyelonephritis is an infection in the upper area of the urinary tract or near the kidney areas. This kind of urinary tract infection is much more serious and needs the assistance of a physician or doctor.

[ ] Many people are still confused about this disease and may not seek the appropriate treatments to remove the actual causes. A yeast infection refers to the growth of the fungus called candida. It is a kind of fungi that thrives favorably in warmth and moisture. There are various factors that can cause this disease as long as these factors contribute directly or indirectly to the change in moisture and pH levels inside your body. There are different types of yeast infections that affect mostly women and sometimes men and children.

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